Produced in Denmark

Danish surveillance and protection company

Profort is a Danish company which produces and develops surveillance and monitoring equipment in Denmark in collaboration with skilled Danish suppliers. For instance, since 2001, Profort has been working together with the electronics company PrintTronic. They take care of the production and testing of all the Profort products.

Profort sends the print layout and bills of material on the basis of which PrintTronic manufactures the printed circuit boards, buys components, mounts and places the electronics in the chosen cabinets, tests them and then returns the products to Profort. Bjarne Baagø, who is the owner of PrintTronic, says: ‘When Profort develops newer versions or new products, the components are chosen in close collaboration with us. It ensures really good logistics when they subsequently order a production quantity beneficial to both parties. Profort is very innovative so there are always new tasks in the making that need testing, et cetera. They are really good at keeping us on our toes with tests and production tasks that often are organised during the manufacturing process. We particularly appreciate Profort as a customer. It is great that they give priority to working with companies who produce and manufacture in Denmark’.

Profort offers free telephone support on our products in Danish and English, and there are English translations of all the manuals and data sheets available on our webpage:

Find manuals and data sheets here