FAQ Codes


Does it make a difference if I change the PIN code or the password first?
Yes, manually. If you start with changing the PIN code for the SIM card, you need to change the password for the unit yourself. However, if you start with changing the password for the unit, the PIN to the SIM card will automatically change so that the PIN and password are the same.

What is a ‘product key’?
The product key is indicated on the front cover of the installation CD and it opens the ‘Quick Set-up Program’ by default. When upgrading to more functions, a new product key will be necessary.

What is an ID code?
The ID code consists of 4 characters (text or numbers). It identifies the unit which transmits an alarm message. If you set up an ID code, this will automatically be transmitted with the alarm to the receiver. If no ID code is chosen, the unit will use the password as ID code.

What is a password?
The password is a 4-digit code to the unit. The default setting for these 4 characters is 1234. Preferably should be changed to a self-chosen password. All commands to the unit must start with the defined password. If the PIN code request on the SIM card is deactivated, or the password is changed to 0000, the commands are sent without password.

What is a PIN code?
The PIN code is a 4-digit code to the SIM card. If the default PIN of the SIM card is not set to 1234 the code has to be changed to this when setting up the SIM card. You also get a chance to deactivate the PIN code request.

How do I change the PIN code/password?
Send a text message to the unit: ’1234 N0 (the mobile number of the unit) (new PIN code)’, e.g. ’1234 N0 99999999 4321′ (0=zero).

How do I check if the PIN code is correct?
Place the SIM card from the GSM modem in a GSM mobile phone to see whether any contact to the GSM network can be established.

I have changed the SIM card PIN code – why does the unit not react?
Before the unit can carry out a command the PIN code and password must be identical. If you have changed the PIN of the SIM card it is necessary for you to change the password for the unit as well.

Does password and PIN code have to be identical?
Yes, technically the password and PIN code are the same thing. If you start by changing the PIN of the SIM card it is necessary for you to change the password to the unit as well so that the PIN and the password are the exact same.