FAQ multiGuard® Basic

multiGuard® Basic

Does multiGuard® Basic remember its original settings?
Yes. By using the multiGuard Basic software the data files are logged in an index. The index makes it possible to reinstall previous settings, e.g. in cases where a new multiGuard Basic system needs identical settings to the original system.

What is the difference between multiGuard® Light and multiGuard® Basic?
multiGuard Basic can function as a wireless system, meaning that it communicates with wireless transmitters (detectors, remote controls, personal alarms, etc.). multiGuard Light is a technical, not a wireless system and is therefore not able to communicate with transmitters. However, please note that multiGuard Basic and multiGuard Light both transmit alarm via the GSM network.

What is multiGuard® Basic software?
With the multiGuard Basic sofware (software basic) comes an index with data files, that is, logged information about how multiGuard Basic has been programmed previously. This is advantageous for those new multiGuard Basic systems that need to be programmed the exact same way.

How is multiGuard® Basic programmed?
Programming of multiGuard Basic can be done from a GSM mobile phone or preferably from a PC by using multiGuard Basic software (software basic).