FAQ Programming


What is the Quick Set-up Program?
The Quick Set-up Program (software quick) is a software that comes with the purchase of multiGuard Light. Connect the RS232 output of the unit with the COM-port on a PC by a standard 9-pin serial extension cable, or use a USB as RS232 serial converter. Adjust the COM-port no. in the Quick Set-up. For many settings the Basic Set-up is recommended.

How is multiGuard Light programmed?
Programming and reprogramming of the unit:
Via the serial COM-port on the PC and the Quick Set-up Program.
Via text message from a GSM mobile phone to the unit (see code summary in the operating manual).
Via text message from a PC.

Can I program multiGuard Light from any PC I prefer?
YES. All Windows PCs from Windows-95 to Windows 8 can run the program.

Can I program the unit from a mobile phone?
Yes. All parametres can also be sent as text messages. This is described further in the manual.
With the Basic Set-up Program and a GSM modem connected to the PC you can program the unit remotely.

Does the program support Windows Vista?
Yes – Right click on ‘setup.exe’ and ’run as administrator’. When the installation finds existing files – keep the newest version.