FAQ Set-up


How do I make the unit repeat an alarm?
Activate ‘time-controlled status’ with command: < TP M 0030> after the alarm text on the input. Remember to deactivate again with <TP> after the OK text.

How do I make the unit control the heating in my summer residence?
Read: Alarm and heat control.

Why does the unit not react to a text message?
When you send instructions to the unit from a GSM mobile phone, always remember to start with the (correct) password (4 digits) followed by a space.

Can more multiGuard®s be connected?
Yes. If more multiGuards are connected the inputs on unit 1 just need to reflect the outputs on unit 2.

Can I receive an alarm message by email via PC?
Yes, technically. But it depends on which telephone operator you use. Ask your operator if your SIM card supports this service, and ask for the telephone number used for this service. Notice that the email address must not exceed 31 characters.

Does GSM modem work with a prepaid card?
Yes, but we recommend SIM card, for instance one without subscription. A prepaid card for GSM telephones may cause problems since it normally expires after a year.

Can the unit send information from my PLC?
Yes, if you connect a PLC to the RS232-port, an ASCII sequence is transmitted with a 9600 baud of max. 160 characters completed with a CR+LF, and the text will be sent in a text message to the list of receivers.

Can I receive an alarm if my water consumption gets abnormally high?
(FW 8.17) Connect a water sensor with a pulse to input 1 and set the input to ‘pulse counter’. Set the top limit for 15 minutes of normal consumption in the field ‘close’, empty field in ‘open’ and set it to zone 1. Enter the text ‘<UN>’ in the field ‘open’ on an available input and set ‘Status’ to ‘T 0001′ (counter is reset every 15 minutes). Add a mobile number to the receiver list with zone 1 and enter the unit’s own mobile phone number (it is necessary in order to set the time).

How do I reset all data in the unit?
Send text message: ’1234 P!’ OBS: all data will be deleted and the set-up must be redone!!!