FAQ Voice


How do I record a message?
Call the unit and do as follows:

  1. Wait for 1 tone
  2. Enter PIN code (example: 1234)
  3. Wait for 2 tones
  4. Enter #8 (opens for general message)
  5. Wait for 1 tone
  6. Record general message: fx ‘Alarm from ???’ (max. 6 sec.)
  7. Wait for 2 tones
  8. Enter #0 (opens for message at input 0)
  9. Wait for 1 tone
  10. Record alarm message: e.g. ‘alarm from 0′ (max. 6 sec).
    Repeat step 7-10 and enter #1-#7 for the other inputs.
  11. Hang up

Can an alarm message go directly to alarm receiver equipment?
Yes. In order to receive alarm message as analog call with DTMF tones send the following text message:
’1234 N1 +45xxxxxxxx *’ (PIN code = e.g. 1234 receiver = e.g. no. 1).
The alarm will be sent in a so-called ‘IBS tone frequence’.

Can I interrupt the call list in case of alarm?
Yes. By call with voice message the person taking the call can acknowledge with # (hashtag) during the voice message. Thereby, the call will not be forwarded to other numbers on the list.

Can I get different voice messages for ‘closing’ and ‘opening’ on an input?
Yes. Set up the unit to send ’different voice messages for close and open’ with the text: ’1234 W2′ (PIN code = e.g. 1234).

Then, call the unit and enter the PIN code. After 2 ‘beeps’, enter #(0-7) for input 0 to 7. After 1 ’beep’, record voice message for open position (max. 3 sec.) and after next ‘beep’, record message for closed position (max. 3 sec.). Hang up.

Can I receive voice messages on landline or GSM mobile phone?
Yes. In order to receive analog calls on landline or GSM mobile phone, send text: ’1234 N1 +45xxxxxxxx #”’ (PIN code = e.g. 1234 receiver = e.g. no. 1).