multiGuard® is a family of GSM sending and receiving units for control and surveillance. Every model is adapted to its own area.
All you have to do is to apply a normal SIM card and multiGuard® is ready to use.

By the use of text message or DTMF call you can activate relays (sirens, pumps, electric heaters), activate makroes or send IR codes (heat pumps).

multiGuard® is programmed by text or by the supplied PC program and the RS232 port or GPRS. All commands to the unit can be protected by a PIN code or need to be sent from approved phone numbers.
multiGuard® can be purchased with different configurations. See under the tab: Compare models.

multiGuard® can receive alarms (open/close) on the inputs and measurements (0-10V/4-20mA/PT100/temperature) on the analogue. Texts sent as SMS, as call or DTMF e.g. to a control centre. Alarm can be sent to 25 receivers on a list. The order of the list can be changed with just one text message.

multiGuard® Master RF

multiGuard® Master RF is a complete GSM sending and receiving unit which differs from multiGuard® DIN9 on having a waterproof IP65 box, 8 relay outputs, 4 analog inputs, 1 analog output and a possibility for a wireless 868MHz module for handling of up to 60 sensors.

multiGuard® DIN9

multiGuard® DIN9 is a complete GSM sending and receiving unit for control and surveillance. Simply by applying a normal SIM card, multiGuard® DIN9 is ready.

multiGuard® DIN6

multiGuard® DIN6 is a complete unit for monitoring and remote control.

multiGuard® DIN4

multiGuard® DIN4 is a complete GSM sending and receiving unit that can be delivered in a waterproof box and solve a great number of tasks. For instance in places where there are no other power supply, such as containers, wells, drillings and so on.

multiGuard® Technic RF

multiGuard® Technic RF is a GSM-unit with wireless module (868 MHz). Receives alarm from all Profort detectors as well as wireless inputs. Especially suited for measuring humidity and protection of fuel tanks.

multiGuard® Technic IO

multiGuard® Technic IO is a complete GSM transmitting and receiving device that is particularly suitable for measuring, monitoring and logging of humidity and temperature.

multiGuard® Remote IO

multiGuard® Remote is a complete sending and receiving unit which is particularly suitable for heat control in holiday homes.

multiGuard® Remote LAN

multiGuard® Remote LAN is a complete sending and receiving unit which communicates with the free Profort web-server via the Internet without the use of GSM or telephone line.

multiGuard® Master IO

multiGuard® Master IO is specifically suitable for survelliance of temperature and humidity. It logs all measurements twice per hour and sends an alarm at unusual conditions.