Wireless protection of objects

Piccolo is a surveillance and alerting system for protection of objects through discreet wireless detectors. It is used by more than 500 leading museums in Europe. The system is specifically designet for surveillance of art pieces during opening hours and represents the optimal in rooms with large visitor flow. However it can also be expanded to handling of climate surveillance and to personal protection.

Piccolo® Air

Piccolo® Air is a universal control unit with both a built-in receiver for wireless sensors and a GSM module for sending alarms and temperature measurements to any mobile, server or central.

Piccolo® Server

Piccolo Server is a wireless unit which is designed for protection of art pieces at museums and art galleries. Other application areas are churches, jewelers and exhibitions that have people coming and going during opening hours, as well as personal security.

Piccolo® Light

Piccolo Light is a small independent unit that is programmed via a build-in display/keypad, text message or PC. Alarms are sent as SMS texts and phone call.

Accessories Piccolo®

Additional equipment for Piccolo Max and Piccolo Light.