Slurry Tank Surveillance

multiGuard DIN9

The Danish Ministry of Environment have made new laws regarding slurry, coming into effect from January 1, 2012.

multiGuard® is a sending and receiving unit that has been updated with functions for surveillance of slurry tanks that make investing in expensive special equipment redundant.

Profort GSM units keep a constant supervision and, in case of irregularities, send an alarm in order to stop e.g. a possible overflow.

Protection and a better reputation

Slurry alarms secure a quick response in case of irregularities and provide time for you to stop an accident before it reaches devastating and expensive consequences.

In these times when the environment plays such a major role, farming is in a vulnerable position. Therefore, every litre slurry spill saved, benefits the reputation of agriculture.

Profort slurry alarm

A pressure transmitter from Siemens is installed in the well-known GSM units from Profort a/s. Everything is default stock products in order to keep the costs at a minimum for the farmer while the new restrictions are complied with:

  • Alarm in case of overflow
  • Alarm in case of sudden decrease in the tank
  • Power supply for pressure transmitter
  • Can be run by solar cells
  • Saves events in a log for documentation
  • No investing in expensive special equipment
  • Better public reputation
  • NO BINDING subscriptions or licences

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