Software and Drivers

On this site you can download the PC Program for set-up of units, infrared codes for the most common heat pumps and drivers for Prolific and Sandberg USB–> RS232 converter.

The PC Program

Download the newest version of the PC Program here

At the completion of the installation a 6-digit key is required. The keys for the Quick Set-up program are the following:

  • M30GU8 (multiGuard)
  • P30JX8 (Piccolo Light)

To turn the SmartScreen Filter off, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Tools icon, and then click Safety.
  2. Click the following item: Turn Off SmartScreen Filter

IR Codes

Download IR codes as a .csv-file for control of heat pumps
The codes are imported from the Basic Set-up in the PC Program (optional) and are transferred via RS232 cable or GPRS/Internet for the GSM unit.


Have you lost the installation CD for your USB–>RS232 converter, or do you experience problems with your converter, then you can try to install one of these following drivers:

Download drivers for Prolific XP here
Download driver for Prolific win7+8+10 here
Download drivers for Sandberg here

Driver for models with USB-B:

Download driver here