Object protection · Personal protection · Climate monitoring ·

piccolo® is the professional and proven solution for object surveillance and secutity.

Installed in more than 500 leading museums in Europe.


Alarm · Monitoring · Control ·

multiGuard® is a series of mobile control units that can be used for numerous purposes.

multiGuard® is used in the industry sector, agriculture, building and trnasportation, in the public as well as the private sector.


Setup, monitoring and control of mobile units

PROFORT’s masterView® platform makes it easy to view and control all mobile units over the internet from PC, laptop, iPad or smartphone.

Wireless systems for remote control and monitoring


multiGuard® is a family of advanced units for control, alarm and monitoring. The possibilities are almost limitless.

The units are easy to install and programming is quickly done with masterView®.


Piccolo® is a wireless alarm and surveillance system which is flexible and easy to install. Piccolo® is installed in more than 500 of the leading museums in Europe.

A complete selection of wireless detectors and sensors makes it easy to design the system in accordance with the desired tasks.


masterView® is a free online platform for setup, control and monitoring of Profort units such as multiGuard® or Piccolo® systems and control units etc.

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