Control units for many applications.


multiGuard® is a family of mobile transmitters for alarm, control and monitoring.

multiGuard® is available in a variety of configurations.

Accessories for multiGuard®

multiGuard® control units – for all purposes

multiGuard® units are easy to install – and easy to program.

Simply insert a SIM card in the unit, and multiGuard® is ready to use.

Activate relays (sirens, pumps and electric radiators), activate macros or transmit IR codes (heat pumps) using SMS or DTMF calls.

Program multiGuard® with SMS or by using the online platform masterView®. All commands for the unit can be PIN protected or can be required to be sent from approved numbers.

multiGuard® product series

multiGuard® Master IO

multiGuard® Master IO is a wireless alarm system which is especially suitable for monitoring of temperature and moisture. It logs all measurements twice every hour and emits an alarm in case of abnormal conditions.

multiGuard® Master RF

multiGuard® Master RF is a complete mobile transmitter and receiver unit that differs from multiGuard® DIN9 by being placed in a waterproof IP65 box and the option of a wireless 868MHz module for handling up to 60 sensors, 4 analog inputs and 8 output relays.

multiGuard® DIN9

multiGuard® DIN9 is a mobile alarm system for control and monitoring. Insert a SIM card and multiGuard® DIN9 is ready to use.  Is able to control electrical functions by activation of
relays via text messages, phone calls or the Profort portal on the Internet.

multiGuard® DIN6

multiGuard® DIN6 is a complete unit for monitoring and remote control. Is able to measure e.g. temperature, pressure and humidity with analogous measuring equipment, log the measurements, notify
in case of voltage errors and when the voltage returns.

multiGuard® DIN4

multiGuard® DIN4 is a complete mobile transmitter and receiver unit with an optional waterproof box. Suitable for solving numerous tasks, including in places with no power supply, such as containers, wells, drilling sites etc.

multiGuard® Technic RF

multiGuard® Technic RF is a mobile unit with wireless module (868 MHz). Receives alarm from all Profort detectors as well as from wireless inputs. Especially suitable for measuring of humidity.

multiGuard Technic IO

multiGuard® Technic IO is a complete mobile transmitter and receiver unit especially suitable for measuring, monitoring and logging of humidity and temperature.

multiGuard® Remote IO

multiGuard® Remote IO is a complete mobile transmitter and receiver unit especially suitable for heat control in holiday homes.

multiGuard® myHome Alarm

multiGuard® myHome Alarm is a mobile unit for controlling heat pumps. Includes a built-in room sensor.

multiGuard® myHome

multiGuard® myHome is a small mobile unit for controlling heat pumps.

Watch video on how to install
a multiGuard® unit:

Watch video on street light control with multiGuard®:

Watch video on SIM card usage in multiGuard® units:

Accessories for multiGuard®

External antenna

External antenna for roof assembly with 2,5 m cable, 2G & 3G models.

Profort no. 369003

Disc antenna

Waterproof external antenna for roof assembly with 2,5 m cable, 2G, 3G & 4G models.

Mounting, Profort no. 369007

Adhesive mounting, Profort no. 369009

Antenna extension cable

Antenna cable with SMA plug and socket.

5 meters, Profort no.: 301110

10 meters, Profort no. 301111

Temperature sensor PTC

Area: +25 – +63ºC, +/-1ºC. Size: Diam. 6x50mm with 2,5m cable and installation guide. For units with analog input.

Profort no. 007995


Temperature sensor PT100

Area: +50 – +100ºC, +/-2ºC. Size: Diam. 6x50mm with 2,5m cable and installation instructions. For units with analog input.

Profort no. 007999


Temperature sensor

Temperature sensor 4-20mA. 
÷30 – +70°C, +/-0,3°C. Size: Diam. 18x70mm with 10m cable. For multiGuard with 4-20mA analog input.

Profort no. 007991


Humidity and temperature sensor

Range: -40º- +100ºC. Humidity: 1-4% RH. Size: Diam. 6x50mm with 0,5m cable and installation instructions. 

Profort no. 006320


Cloudburst alarm

In case of cloudburst the alarm is intended for detecting the presence of water on horizontal or slightly sloping surfaces.

Profort no. 006335


dampSpot is a wireless detector with a
IP65 box. Battery incl. To be used with additional probe:
006320 Temperature- and humiditysensor
006330 Temperature sensor 200cm, (±0,2°C)
007995 Temp probe PTC

Profort no. 008330

Power supply

12V DC regulated power supply 700 mA.
For: multiGuard® Remote IO, Technic IO and Technic RF.

Profort no. 300102

Internal battery

Large 3,6V lithium battery. Supplies multiGuard® DIN4, Remote IO, Technic IO and Technic RF in case of power outage. This allows the unit to continue with all functions for a long time.

Profort no. 009010

Battery pack, 18Ah

External 3,6V lithium battery for mobile unit. Allows long battery life for multiGuard® DIN4, Remote IO, Technic IO and Technic RF. Important: Do not charge!

Profort no. 007272

USB RS232 converter

USB to RS232 converter cable (1,5 m) for programming units with RS232 from laptop PC.

Profort no. 301055

RS232 extension cable

RS232 plug and socket extension cable, 2m.

Profort no. 301051

IP65 box

Waterproof IP65 box with DIN rail and 3PG’s. Size: 240x160x90 mm. For all units with DIN-mounting.

Profort no. 420205

IR gooseneck

IR diode on gooseneck with jack.

Profort no. 009067

IR sender

IR diode with jack and 1,5 m. cable.

Profort no. 009065

Solar cell

Solar cell 12V 50w incl. control for batteri. Excl. battery.

Profort no. 300401

Slurry tank mounting bracket

Mounting bracket for slurry tank for measuring levels in slurry tank. To be used with multiGuard® Din6 or DIN9.

Profort no. 020010

Remote control for wireless units

Remote control for connecting and disconnecting multiGuard technic RF, multiGuard Master RF and others.

Profort no. 008530

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