multiGuard® DIN4

– a compact alarm system for medium-sized installations

multiGuard® DIN4 is a complete mobile transmitter and receiver unit with 3 inputs for transferring of alarms from wired sensor, 1 analog input for temperature sensor, PT100, 0-10V mm. and 1 output.

This is the smaller unit in the multiGuard® series, where the focus is on the most frequently used inputs and outputs. If space is limited and if one analog input, one relay and few digital inputs are sufficient then multiGuard® DIN4 is ideal.

Alarms can be transferred as SMS to max. 25 telephone numbers. The output relay is likewise activated with SMS from a mobile phone or DTMF from a landline phone. A li-ion battery can be installed which makes alarm possible in case of power outage and which supplies the unit in case of power failure. In passive state and with a 18 Ah battery the unit can run for up to 1 year.

Programming of multiGuard® DIN4 is done with SMS commands or via online platform masterView.

multiGuard® DIN4 can be delivered in a waterproof box and is able to solve numerous tasks, for example in places without power supply such as in containers, wells and drill sites, etc.

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1 output, 3 alarm inputs, 1 analog input, 1 temp./humidity input, 12-24V AC/DC

Profort no. 009012

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  • DIN rail, 4 modules.
  • 12-24V AC/DC.
  • Output: 1,30 VDC 0,5 A.
  • 3 inputs: Alarm (close/open) + analog (0-10V, 0-20 mA, PT100, mm.).
  • Phone list: alarm to 25 numbers SMS/DTMF.
  • Programming: online platform masterView or SMS
  • Antenna: Built-in. External antenna optional.
  • Temperature: -20°C to +55°C.
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