multiGuard® myHome 

– new compact GSM control for heat pumps from Profort!

multiGuard® myHome is a small GSM unit measuring 80x50x19mm, which contains codes for 15 different heat pumps. The unit comes with power supply and battery. External IR diodes can be mounted in the built-in jack plug. We have developed an app for iPhone and Android for setup and control. The app can be used to perform several tasks, such as:

  • Control of 15 different brands (several of these both heat and cool)
  • Update of the current temperature and level of humidity in the house
  • Alarm can be sent in case of temperature, humidity and power failure
  • Calendar function for planning of activations
  • Logging of temperature and humidity

Find the quick manual for multiGuard® myHome here

Find data sheet for multiGuard® myHome here

Find brochure about the multiGuard® family here


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